Something a little different from me this time! Haven't made Phase Shift customs like this one in a while~

=== NOTES ===
- Expert charts ONLY! (for Phase Shift)
- Drum chart depicted is the 2x Bass Pedal (Expert+) chart
- Separate vocal track is available! No instrumental stems tho
- 2:21 imaginary bass kick! (fixed in the download)

--=={ DOWNLOADS }==---



ROCK BAND (2x Bass Pedal):

(Thanks for the RB conversion, Linos! :D)

L-Train did a spectacular job with this cover! And with all those instrument solos he did, you have to wonder that this would probably be the kind of the song that should totally be playable on Rock Band, haha. And that urged me to make this! Definitely a fun song to chart, and ridiculuously fun to play on drums too!

I'm not the best at charting vocals, so this marks my first time doing so! Hopefully it's singable enough once someone actually gets this into Rock Band...

I hope you guys enjoyed this!

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