Website Policies and Terms

Mission Statement

Project Vinyl is here to serve as a safe haven and archive for brony artists and music. All content posted here is the property of their respective artists and abides by Fair Use unless stated otherwise.

Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  1. We will not hesitate to remove uploads that violate fair use as per our Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines. Repeated uploading of copyrighted material for which the uploader does not have permission, or in some other way does not comply with Fair Used will result in a ban.
  2. Bullying, excessive violence, harassment, or other discriminatory behavior is discouraged and will not be tolerated.
  3. We do not allow sexually explicit or gratuitously violent content. Videos that contain this type of content may be removed without notice
  4. If you are the original artist of a song on this website, you can claim ownership and do as you wish with it.
  5. Invalid copyright claims, or claims on videos found to fall properly within the realm of fair use may not be aknowledge.