Here i am again with my new compose piece , this is for our Cutie mark crusaders~
the idea is come from one very famous classical marching band music composed by John Philip Sousa ,the march king of American──"The Stars and Stripes Forever" and the singing tone from Fluttershy's bird band singing

I compose this for the little marching band or boys-scout band ,so the music isn't as strong as the real march orchestra, but still have it's spirit and lifely, i really aggre this is the best music for cutie mark crusaders.

The music form if you listen carefully , you can understand i had consult to "The Stars and Stripes Forever" ,and using the Fluttershy's birds band theme as my major theme,but all music are create by myself.

Hope you enjoy my music! please like it and comment it , thank you very "March" ^^