Here's your 400 sub special! A SONG!

Equestria Daily, anyone?

This guy is still amazing:

This guy is also amazing (he drew this SPECTACULAR cover art for us):




Far away across the land
Lives a mare who lives
For the trees and the sand
Can you see her over there
With her white brimmed hat and whip and snare

Facing dangers old and new
Count on her to see you though
She hasn't a doubt, you see she's there
She's doing, knowing, always cares

She's the adventurer

Daring Do, I'm by your side
Guide me to the morning light
Daring Do, please use your might
Your enemies and foes will run in fright

Even though you're just a tale
I'll follow you, we'll never fail
I thought that reading was for fools
But reading's fun with Daring Do

Oh Daring Do, please take me away
She's the adventurer