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Don't forget Lightning - nothing in life is worth leaving your friends behind


Living as we do, being what we are it's a life in the skies. I've been training all my life. I know you've done the same, and we move on. Soaring through life we all get sidelined. We've all felt that sting. We race the winds, punch the clouds, and see the rain fall down. When I watch that life fly away like a bird, I realize I've been soaring on empty skies. I realize I've been soaring on empty skies. [Repeat.]
Something pushed me to come to this place; I had a reason to run. There's so much more, but I just wanted to succeed. I didn't ever expect this disgrace. I thought I was the only one. I couldn't outrun my mistakes at any speed. Soaring on empty skies, soaring on empty skies. Soaring, soaring, on empty skies (on empty skies). Soaring on empty skies, soaring. Oh yeah. I can't get, I can't get when I know - trying to be the be the best; trying to win and trying so hard when I should be trying to pass the test.



Kingsley Evergreen: