So a funny story about this song. Originally, this was going to be a strict pony song as you can tell from the samples i used. However, i found this one to be too great of a song, to turn into something with "ponies". So i kind of gave up on the glitches and just let the music shine (hence why the glitching is incomplete and bad).

Regarding the contest, im not going to try and get eqd's help with this as im not motivated enough. You may still vote but just know, im on my own for this one now. Maybe in the future however, when it gets near, i might get assistance from eqd.

However, i still would like to thank you deadslayer for your dedication you've been giving :)

ONE last important thing. It would still be fantastic if you could help my friend mrkittie win by voting for him as he needs it more than me.!/MrKittie