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A stallion was just released from prison after commiting a series of crimes, but his urge to steal is still overpowering him. But Lyra's music has the power to soothe his soul and restore his clear state of mind.

DL: http://soundcloud.com/cluttervix/my-hearts-strings-final

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We had some fun during recording :D


Oh Lyra won't you give me some perspective
I seem to lack quite a bit of incentive
The world seems dark without a crack of dawn
But with your music all my demons seem to be gone

My dear friend, tell me what should I do?
My sanity drains when I'm not beside you
Your tunes exceed beyond my wildest dreams
It's like a fog has been lifted, and my eyesight it redeems

Your playing is a delight for every ear to bear
So pluck my heart's strings, and the moment we will share
It's a tiny gesture of major proportions
A good luck charm, for all my greater misfortunes

It seems like redemption is around the corner
Yet my self esteem creates a border
You fill my soul with unstoppable force
So how come the only thing I feel is remorse?

You tell me it's a case of fight or flight
But you cannot battle what is out of your sight
I love you too much to ever let you go
My craving for your music only continues to grow


This is the way that it's supposed to be
I only feel alive when you're with me
I am love sick, of that I am sure
But Lyra my love, your music is the cure!