Derpy's Journey Part 3
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Here's the amazing image I've been waiting to use. Recycle Tiger is an amazing artist and good friend.

My good friend caponycus, or crimson creed, very accurately described the story line.

Dad walks in. It is silent. The mother just sits there... He looks around... Derpy is nowhere, he asks his wife what has happened. She looks at him. What does he then see on the floor? He sees that cherished item that Derpy loved so much. Miss Sweetie lies on the floor.... He suddenly realizes the meanings. The door swings open. Run run run run. He shouts out for Derpy to respond. Shouts and shouts, runs and runs... He is exhausted now. He then begins to walk. Still, he continues to look for Derpy. The forest is so large...

This is where I become split in my opinion. I feel more for that of the first, but I would like to keep the first feeling I got (the second of these two endings). The one you will read below is how I felt while typing this very response-What, I am listining to it as we speak-

Suddenly, he sees Bubbles floating to the sky. He walks towards it, all the time shouting out for his daughter... There, he sees a bubble container. He wonders if Derpy is near. He begins to shout for her, beg for her to appear, he begins to run forward again, even though he is exhausted, looking for her. He then stops, in a clearing in the forest... He looks around. Then, he collapses. Tears flowing down his face, he begs to the princes (Luna wasn't here yet) that he may find his little filly. He stands up... Slowly, he walks back to where the bubbles were. Only three remain... He walks into the hollow of the tree... Only two remain.... He collapses... Only one remains... He curls up and tears begin to slide down his face in a slow motion. He wishes he could see that cute little filly one last time.... Just one last time.... Then, he falls asleep out of exhaustion, tears still flowing..... All the bubbles have dissapeared.

He thinks she is gone... He begins to run at this thought. Begs for Derpy to appear somewhere, anywhere. Where is she? he wonders. He finds the bubbles. He begins to turn around... looking in all directions... he wonders around... but he can't find her. Weakly, he shouts for her. Crying, he begs for her.... He walks back to the bubbles and falls asleep, tears flowing down his face.... Wishing... Just wishing he could see his little filly one last time...


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