Part I: Dawn - Theme of legato
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Part II: Day - Theme of pizzicato
Part III: Dusk - Theme of staccato
Part IV: Night - Theme of tremolo

This piece turned out weirder than I intended. It's not my proudest creation, but hopefully a few of you will like it. I was trying for something moodier and less melodic, plus more diverse chord progressions. It was supposed to be pretty quick to finish, but (as per usual with me) ended up taking much longer.

How's the volume? I spent a while trying to get it at a good level but now I'm not sure.

After Octavia's Evening Waltz (which was originally the Morning Waltz) and naming this piece Dawn, I realized the overt thread connecting the titles. So why not roll with it and call the whole thing The Ponyville Cycle? (I don't think the waltzes will actually be part of it, however). I envision three more pieces to accompany this, the next being called simply Day. We'll see how long those take.

By the way, I hate mixing. It saps so much joy out of making music.

Cover art is courtesy of erockertorres.devianta...

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This was made with Cubase Artist 7 and Kontakt 5.