I'm back everyone with a new song that I'm sure is going to rock your socks off. My friend Khan and I worked really hard in making sure this song was amazing and I think it turned out amazing.

Though this song doesn't contain any pony references it is about us as a fandom. It's about staying true to yourself and not letting anyone tell you who you are, because the only person who can judge you is you and we as a community must stand strong together. We are bronies! We are the Militia!

Tell me what you think of the new song in the comments, I'm always open to constructive criticism. I'm always looking to improve my works and hope one day I can be one of the greats.

Look at me
And listen to my words
You are strong
And freer than a bird
Take a stand
Against this world of hate
Don't hold back
Or it will be too late

Fight the hate
Don't let their words hurt you
Be yourself
And they will never get through
Follow me
Into the black abyss
To Find the Light
And free us from darkness

Fight with me
With victory at mind
To show the world
Our bravery and our pride
Join our cause
Our Revolution
And we'll stand strong
For we are the Militia!

Free Download: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/g3c4xmvnzc2iwfc/Brony-Militia-The-Militia-MASTERED-4-12-2015.mp3_(1).mp3