For those of you who don't know, this is an old track originally made for Balloon Party, but I never uploaded it because I thought it sucked. Everyone keeps asking me to, so I remastered it a bit and HERE IT IS!

Also, I'm gonna try and sever my ties with dubstep. I always get a ton of hate for it, and to be honest I really don't feel like it's my style. I gave it a shot, but I think I'm moving on to more acoustic-based stuff now. xD Thanks for putting up with my experiments in the world of electronic music.


Listen to the sound of voices
In the distance calling
Listen to the noise around us
It's the raindrops falling
It's the wind in the trees
Inspiration flowing free
It's something I can't control
It's a light in the dark
It's a gift, it's an art
It's the music in my soul

I'm breathing again
I'm taking it in
Because you can't take the music from me
I refuse to pretend
I won't let this end
You can't take the melody

There's a divide between melody
And sounds only some can hear
A song, a mysterious force
Yet it's never feared
An unexplainable thought
A shout from those who were lost
A call from the brokenhearted
A projection of the mind
But I'm not wasting time
I'm only just getting started