Thanks to my new friend and talented producer, EnsionD:

As well as the fellows from Ponies at Dawn, I was finally able to break the dry spell of not making music. Please enjoy this fun "Christmas Card" of a track that was released on the Snowfall Album:


2015 has truly been an exciting year for me. Looking back I've performed my heart out at BabsCon, BronyCon and capped it off with EQLA. I was able to finally release digital AND physical copies of Flows & Cons the album I did with my good friend IbeConcept, as well as Chymes with the incredibly gifted Cherax Destructor and my compilation Flowny2013. (Goto my bandcamp now for my ENTIRE discography off 45%!)

Lastly, I've been collaborating with the good spirited and hardworking San Diego Bronies (Order of the Friendship) to bring the first convention to my hometown. The San Diego Pacific PonyCon going on January 8th-10th in 2016 at the absolutely gorgeous Kona Kai resort.

If you're in the area or can come down, we would love to see you there. Not only is there a fantastic lineup of guests, events and panels, but there's also going to be an amazing outdoor beach concert and rocking indoor concert featuring some great Fandom musicians ranging from EDM, Hip-Hop to head banging Rock.

Also, the Ponies at Christmas album features ANOTHER song I did with the wonderful Technickel Ted & PhonicBoom called "The Christmas Heist"

I have a great announcement coming up, but just know that 2016 is going to bring you EVEN MORE music and some fantastic surprises!

Have a wonderful holiday season, and as always thank you all for being the absolute reason I love doing this.

Rhyme Flow