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Remember when Pinkie Pie had to keep a secret for a long time? MMMMMHMMMMMM. I had so much fun with this. That is all. ^-^

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Much thanks to Sights Unseen for the fantastic mixing work on really short notice!

The art is not by me. It's one of SambaNeko's wicked MLP wallpaper series on DeviantArt:

Shouts out to Glaze and MictheMic for the original track~
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Welcome mares and gentlecolts we're hoping that you're ready for a spectacle
So step on outside and join the festival
The best of every year, even surpassing the gala
We come creeping out from the shadows under the castle

Beware! Who's a pony and who's not a disguise!
Brought to life by your princess causing thunderous skies
Like Mic said, fillies there's no reason to scream
Yes we're here for the fun and no this isn't a dream~


The magic of tonight, ponies~ all of your dreams arise
Staring you in the eyes, a spooky surprise
Get ye moving, lest the queen of the moon arrives
Lost in the gloom, and then you're trapped on the ghoulish side

Now she's home, with the voice to make a heart stutter
Take cover, 'cause she understands your confidence can flutter, call her
Nightmare Moon or Luna, but they're one and the same
We just know the fun is doubled, son, no matter the name~


Enjoy, and happy Nightmare Night!