Yep, Glitch trot for "The Great and Powerful Trixie".
Mind the quotation.

Awesome Trixie and Twilight plushy and photography by:

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She ain't born of failure
Keep on talking that trash
She'll leave ya dragging her trailer

She's coming quick to derail ya
You're gonna be dead last
Be you a fan or a hater

No wheels, yeah ya feel that?
She don't trust 'em
Line up these fools properly
So she can bust 'em
She boasts magic
Below the crook of her hat
She rocks an Alicorn Amulet
No, you can't touch that
She ain't even cast yet
You crying like a baby
Just place your bet
Or you can stand there shaky
After the pain she'll bring
You mess around with her ego
You're gonna feel the sting

She's got this whole operation
PV to EQ nation
Add a beating, to her bidding
Now mind the quotation

She's got this whole operation
PV to EQ nation
You can run and tell your friends
But mind the quotation