So here's this. The original song gave me butterflies when I first heard it, so I knew that one day I was going to remix it. I respect the original's airy nature, because I know I feel like I can fly when I fall in love. But at the same time my heart also beats like a jackhammer. Rhythm. Lots of rhythm. Bedsprings. You see where this is going. :3c So in my remix, I wanted to focus more on the rhythm aspect of the concept.

This song is dedicated to Whitetail, who also provided the sitar, tabla, and tampura you hear. He was what inspired me to finish this, and has been a wonderful wonderful friend to me. I value him very much, and he means a lot to me. Thank you for everything hon~



Dawn Blush mastered the song! Thanks bro!

Windmill made the video! Top good gent!

That Big Mac paper vector is by Sleepwalks on DA! Nifty!

That badass new logo of mine was made by Robert Raeder! (aka Blublur aka Raedrob) Buttsex!


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