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Instrumental -

ALSO!!! for those asking the difference between the regular and Deluxe thing, regular has 7 tracks, Cover arts, and one video. Deluxe release has, 8 tracks (one bonus), cover arts, and all full 1080p arts, as well as 2 videos~!! hope you guys like it!! it took a long-ass time xDD

Art and harmonies by Dreamchan. br00oOtal screams by Scrambles!! check it!!

Dreamchan -
Scrambles -



Looks like my secret's been revealed,
I'm not a pony after all.
But will they seek to disassemble me?
Back me up against the wall

I see how they look at me,
following my every move.
Suspecting one day i will attempt
to crush them all beneath my hooves.

Is this what i really am?
(It can't be real I think, I feel)
I can't begin to understand

(Is something wrong inside? Mechanized components fill my soul)

Systems crashing down!
(The time has come to take control)
Systems crashing down!
(I will assimilate you all)

Bionic lenses in my eyes,
The metallic circuits in my mind!
The gears that twist and turn inside.
My memories corrupted over time.


Overload in progress
Self-Awareness protocols disengaged
All systems reaching critical levels
Meltdown in 3.


Why can't i forget my life before?
(It can't be real I think I feel)
Am i machine and nothing more?
(Is something wrong inside?)

(Set phasers to hug, lol)


I love you all!!! You guys are all insane!!! Thank you all SO MUCH!!

And especially thanks to everyone who came to the stream for the whole like.. 5 hours it was~!!! thanks so muchh!!!!

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