***Remastered! Read Description!!!***
Download: https://soundcloud.com/silverwing_music/sunrise-over-equestria-1

My original composition was a good start, but the level of quality of the recording was not where I wanted it to be. Now that college is out of the way (over a year later!) here is a remastered version of the original. This is how the piece is supposed to sound like :) I hope it inspires you, as it has been a joy to compose. Subscribe for many more songs and other videos to come soon!

About "Sunrise Over Equestria"
*This piano composition was literally played and recorded in 1 night. I had a moment of inspiration and decided to play around with the keyboard. All the chord progression and musical elements, some inspired by a few MLP: FIM songs, came together. It has then been recorded back to a mobile device and uploaded to YouTube. Despite the rough recording, it was featured on Equestria Daily! That is where I received my first subscribers. After a small hit, I plan to continue to experiment with musical composition and playing by ear. This is a remastered version of the original.

All elements of the piece attempt to capture the beauty of a morning sunrise. If you are like me, you most likely don't get to enjoy a sunrise, as we are either sleeping, working, or busy with something else. Maybe we get to enjoy the occasional sunset! But for those rare moments that we see a sunrise, we realize how beautiful and fragile life is. Although this song is inspired by MLP: FIM, it is also inspired by the natural cycle of life. How beautiful is it to wake up to a new day, knowing that we have the opportunity to make things right, and make the best of what we have! Physically, this song captures nature and the sun. Mentally, it refreshes the mind. Emotionally, it stirs up the heart. Spiritually, it awakens the soul.

Music is an art, a collection of sounds that warm the heart.
Although days sometimes grow weary, and time apart,
music is where the healing starts.

So slow down, relax, and rest while you lay,
the sunrise is coming, everything will be okay.
If there is one last thing to you I can say,
I pray you are inspired, to seize the day.

God Bless!


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*Composition, sound recording, and all musical rights of Sunrise Over Equestria belong to user steelmatt6*