Archie V beat everyone to this remix of Daniel Ingram's song from the show but I think I might have been #2 (put mine out on that Sunday). Went for a progressive / filtered house track. I don't normally operate on such a short time frame but I had a few hours to myself and everything clicked and i released this that Sunday.

This is a 2nd version (hence the "honeymoon version") made a few weeks after. Not massive changes but vocals are louder, some extra background music filtered in, and some annoying flaws gone. Better end version I think so wanted to get an improvement out. Thanks so much for the positive feedback on the first version!!

Still Art by is

Daniel Ingram did the original track

Mp3 is available here
In fact all downloads are no longer maxed out (upgraded my account)

Original Version (the Reception Remix)
is here
and here