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I always wanted to feel like some more famous brony house producer and produce a track within six hours. Actually I wanted to do a Hands Up remix in the first place, but then I though about a nice trance house style. And even though this is technically far from a masterpiece I like it. Makes my head bounce.

This video contains exclusive production insights! No, I don't mix at such high levels. I just wanted the UV meters twitch for the video. ;)

Written by Daniel Ingram, Cindy Morrow
Vocals by Michelle Creber, Madeliene Peters
Additional Remix production: Johannes Berthold
DAW: Apple Logic Pro 9
Video cut: Final Cut Pro

For those who came here for my synths:
Yamaha S80 / PLG-150AN: "Prog Chords"
Korg X5D: "Casio"
Roland V-Synth: "Ramp Bass"
Yamaha AN1x: "80s Lead"
Quasimidi Sirius: lots and lots of drums and percussion, "GlobalBs", "Saege"
Yamaha QY100: Glockenspiel, TR909 Hihats, Rock Toms, Shaker
LinPlug CronoX3, Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Apple EXS24: Drums, Pads, background synths

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