Inspired By Derpy Hooves.

Okay I know this isn't perfect but it's been driving me nuts for the past few hours.
I ran out of Ideas(not like there's any in this to begin with) I tried my best to come up with something calming and soothing but all I came up with is well..Listen and see.. Its really not that good sadly I just wanted to be done with it its been bugging me. Made this featuring Lyra and Octavia. Heard DH's And VS's version and thought I would attempt my own. Yes this is my work even though I say (I take no part in this etc etc) though Please don't give such terrible criticism I know its Garbage I know shove it in my face. ;/ A 5 year old could write better music. I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't get more then 10 views
Also a Lot of the notes aren't in sync. That because I wrote it all myself(By Finger Recording and so that's why some notes are off ) Also YT messed up a bunch of the notes anyways.