Ever wonder what kinds of songs the Sirens (aka the Dazzlings) sang to the ponies before they were banished to the human world? I wrote this song based on that premise. The sirens were at their height of power and there were no signs of stopping them. Unluckily for them they ran into a mythical magical guru Starswirl the bearded who not only banished them to another world but another time as well!

Lyrics and Video editing by me

Sound editing by PegasusPitchVA

Song instrumental: "Snow White Queen" by Evanescence

NOTE~ I didn't notice until AFTER the video was uploaded that I credited the singers incorrectly; Mica played Sonata and Raechel played Aria. Oops!

Adagio - myself

Aria - Raechel Anderson

Sonata - Mica

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