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Some post-hardcore (I think?) based on the season 2 episode "The Last Roundup"
Thanks to GB for those cleans that I couldn't pull off!.
This is me kinda testing the waters with this genre. Let me know if you want a version w/o the cartoon vocals.


So join me as I learn to reminisce
About the things that used to matter to you and me
(to you and me) We've finally tracked you down Gonna bring you back to where you belong

Pre-Chorus-------------------------- So gather up your wishes And watch in awe

Your hasty thinking Has gotten the best of you you never paused to think about the family that you left behind

I know you're silly sometimes
I know you're stubborn sometimes
but how could you be so blind

2nd bdown-----------------

running from your problems
is never gonna solve them
Assistance isn't a sign of weakness
There's no shame in that, no there's no shame in that
There's no shame in coming back empty-hooved

Hey Applejack!
(What's up?)


You can't say that you're honestly happy here
What a sorry excuse for your home away from home
We miss you, They need you
(Woah oh oh hoh oh oh oh)

We've worked at dead end jobs
This is one race that I can't allow you to win
Don't worry you'll change your mind

Randomness has got you cornered again


You've never been one to settle for second place
but the cost never hurt me like the look on your face
So look me in the eyes
and then you'll realize
That we're not leaving without you

You're not a failure
its time to get your story straight
And we'll keep going til we fix all of these little breaks

we're not leaving, we're not leaving,
we're not leaving
without you