The 1980s version of our song written for The Overmare Studios' game inspired by fanfic Fallout Equestria written by Kkat.

The original version:

Ft. Brittany Church as Velvet Remedy,, and Nowacking as DJ Pon3,
Special Guest Emily Koch as RD,
Music and lyrics by Yondy,
Additional music and keyboard solos by Adam Sporka,
Produced by Yondy and Adam Sporka
Mastered by Yondy
Cover Art by Zac Nunimaker,

The Overmare Studios



Had a pegasister back in school
only flier for a mile or two
we was like two hairs in a tail
Even got myself up to Cloudsdale Flock friends flew me up, held tight
Bass and the liquor were poundin’ till the daylight
drunk hit my brain like a media crescendo Then they started chuckin’ ponies out the window One by one were thrown off and flew back up doing tricks
It happened fast, but somehow I got thrown off in the mix
the ground came at me lighting quick
Got me cryin’ screamin’ and kinda sick
you were too drunk to notice, and too loud to listen
but I guess my broken limb ain’t worth the fallin’ distance guess I’ll heal myself on the ground cuz my
my lack of fringes just seems to slow you down
You called out

Sorry! Hey! Glad you didn't bite it!"

Well, glue your wings and jump and fuckin’ see how you like it. if there's a race in life you’d win
I'll be here below the stratosphere while you stay in it
Can’t flutter for nothin’, but you still got a rise.
I'd love to be flapping, instead of just tapping, but that's just not happening. I'll never be fly like you.

Hey! Sorry to blink in, but I heard you on the street and had to give my side of it.

What the hell are you talking abou-

Pon3: I played that show and sorry Dash was so shitty, but don’t worry. I put her in her place.

Velvet: well whatdja do? And who are you?

PON3333333-3-3-3-3-3-3 Spinnin’ in the sky, just hoofin’ mah set
then I saw you dive bomb, no feathers, no net I said “hey dudes, you got wings you can spare!”
The mutha buckas shrugged it off like

Dash: pfft she can grow a pair

So I cussed her out
I don’t give a shit
got enough shows, got enough bits
what was I gonna do? Sit and bite my lip?

Uh… maybe you can clear your own clouds, skip.

I took mah horn to the window like a weapon and I busted the sky up in about two seconds
(did it, did it) did it all without droppin’ the beat, so how’s it feel to be obsolete?

Pon3 (sung):
Watch that jaw drop
put that attitude on full stop
don’t need wings to be on top
Pon3 on the bass, and I beat your time by eight, so how’s that technicolor hat taste?

I’ve been told to turn the other cheek and rise above it
But the weather is perfect, so all expect worship, but I think they can shove it I bite my tongue, choke, swallow and smile when I’m around her
But it’s tough to be manic, ‘bout the aerodynamic when there’s
All these wiseguy, pegasi flyin' by screamin'

Suck it grounders!

I give up! Whatever, I tried.
and I'll never crack your clique cuz I don't go Mach V
countin’ down the days, 'til you crash and witness
How gravity makes the rest of us its dirty little mistress. if there was a race in life you'd win.
I'll be here below the stratosphere while you stay in it
Go get your camera, it's the last time I'll be by

Flexing your wings all's you do, it's depressing

Pon3 (spoken):
Oh and watch out for lightning and turbulence, when you splat it's really nasty

To hell with your flapping, all your wings need a wrapping
but we’ll all die happy never bein' fly like you
never bein’ fly like you

Pon3 (sung):
Can’t keep up whatever I do
Can’t keep up whatever I do
Can’t keep up whatever I do
But I’ll die before I’m ever

Fly like you
Fly like you
Fly like you

I’ll never be fly like you