Hard With Ponystyle Recordz

This is 2 of 3 remixes, only one left to go. I do these for you guys to enjoy and for your support for my music as well. This song turned out better than I expected. Hope y'all ponies enjoy it!!

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Original Song: youtu.be/XqnbYUG6Bn8

Check out the other three remixes:
Equestria Girls- Friendship Through the Ages (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix): youtu.be/UDDWw5vfjH0
Equestria Girls- My Past is Not Today (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix): youtu.be/AO4JNz-GeF8
Equestria Girls- Life is a Runway (Royalpony Hardstyle Remix): youtu.be/B73xv4ZSmug

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