EDIT: This song made it onto July's Top 10! :D

So many many months ago, me and ChiChi decided to try and create a song together, and she came up with this super cute idea of making a song about the Cakes. ChiChi provided vocals and wrote most of the lyrics, and I provided vocals as well as the instrumental. She provided the art too :P

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(Verse 1)
Our life is always changing
And the menu never seems to stay the same
It started out so simple
Now it's grown into a giant sweet buffet
What else can I say it's just life
It grows out from a tiny recipe
But then it gets so crazy and wild
It seems that things never get easy

But I don't really mind
As long as your with me

The things that we go through
And the time that will pass
Just know that I will be here
To make the moments last
And though it seem life might be hopeless and untrue
I know that I can make it through the hardships
Cuz I got you

(Verse 2)
I never seem to notice
All the time we spent together since our youth
The years continue passing
In a giant whirl of sweet and sour truths
But through it all we still find a way
To be together when it's bitter sweet
And through it all I still see your smile
And that alone can top any treat

(Pre-Chorus 2)
And now I'm glad to say
I know that you're with me


When it gets dark I know that you'll be there
To always brighten up my day
Through all the good times and through all the bad
You know that I'm here to stay