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To soon for a new song? i guess so but have been at the works with this one for a while.

Today i wondered if had not neglected making some music instead came out with two clips which one was not related to ponies and another which was not a song and one might ask maybe i lost the edge?

Nah....dont think i did, so i listened to some dawn of war original soundtracks and realised no chance i can replicate an live orchestra but i can do something interesting at least, and i wanted to do something strong and epic seems like it was a while back since i did the beyond the horizon one and industrial sector 7 which sounded good and was related to brony music, lets make it again.

If one follows i made an song ambient about a pic and fanfic i read and someone suggested i should make an album i though about and said why not, since then i made another one about the sector 7 which turned out good enough to get into music of the day. So i pictured how would space be in equestria in the future i made that, then we ventured to an industrial sector in space, and then i made a little atmosphere scene, if you listened through the announcer he said "Atlas was scheduled to leave at an certain time to the solar empire".
Hence we venture to the solar empire at war fighting the changeling's.

I can give some quick spoiler what to expect for next soundtracks, one will be focused on in the future a setting where there is an sport, and of course if there is an solar empire and a lunar space-port that means NLR do exist as well and fight on their own fronts, and i saw a movie cower art for an sci-fi one which gave a few ideas, as well as we will visit the darkness of the space in "Dead Space" fashion as well, some spoilers of songs to come.

3 are done + 1 bonus the atmosphere one so 9 to go!

Now i will continue making music as best as i can and as good as i can when it comes to Equestrian space i do want to collect all songs and turn it into an album.

I hope you enjoyed listening as i enjoyed making this!

Comments very and always appreciated!

Served 2300+ downloaded songs, so far glad to know people want to hear and listen!

Until next time!

...Celestia is seriously always inspiring me dont know why.....maybe its molestia....0_o