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Title: I'd Wait a Lifetime For You - Jeff Burgess

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Hi guys, here's a little song about how I wuv woona!

Video art by jamey4.deviantart.com

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I no longer have downloads available of most of my old pony songs. I have a free rar file available which contains almost every pony song I made in .mp3 format (as many as I have now!) I hope this pleases you: www.mediafire com/download/mbmo9b921d2k614/jbponysongs.rar

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- bandcamp: jsburgh.bandcamp.com
- twitter: www.twitter.com/jsburgh
- personal blog: jsburgh.tumblr.com/

★ lyrics ★

It began with a look
That thrill of unknown desire
It was you that she took
But in your eyes, I still saw that fire

And I don't just when you'll return
But I'll still always yearn

Sunny days deep in winter are alright
But compared to moonlit night
They are nothing, that is true

When the stars shine so bright and for so long
I can hear your hidden song
And you know I sing it too

When the leaves
Billow on the breeze
When it seems
Soft focused like a dream

When you come in a voice, modeled and sweet
Whisper again to me, what a treat

Sunny skies from the monarch of delight
Try to wash out an old fight
Paint the world orange, 'stead of blue

But the sun can't be raised in perfect time
You're still here in verse and rhyme
Will you sing it as I do?

When the skies
Open and surprise
I'll behold
Even if I've gotten old

But if I'm gone will you see my life through?
I'd wait a lifetime for you

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