This song is is about how Twilight gets relieved of her duties with Celestia, and then she looks at the stars all night to relieve her pain. It's written 3/4 cause my friends were talking about writing songs in 3/4 and shit. The song was originally planned for vocals, but as I said no lyrics, and I had to rush it as the due date was near for the contest the song was entered in.

It's been over a week and I haven't posted like I said I would. I will post everything by the end of this week. But I've been a lazy fuck as usual, not getting collabs done. I'm actually done with Zatslol in terms of an instrumental, we just need vocals (feel free to write some if you wan, im not good with lyrics) and Emkay is pretty busy, so no dice there.

I've been talking to more pony musicians recently. Neighsayer is one of them, I guess you guys know what that means.

Feel free to remix or something, cause I'll give out MIDIs for (almost) any of my songs.(except remakes/edits/remixes)