What if Luna had sung a soliloquy during Luna Eclipsed? ---- You can also download this song by donating to the Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart charity album.
Soon to be an animated short made by Whitehawke.

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Under the Moon
Copyright Sprocket Doggingsworth 2012.

Twas so much simpler at the start
Turning all that chaos into stone
But it all just fell apart
The moment that our flanks touched the throne
You were so beloved
I was so bemused
The life that we had known
Was gone so soon
The fillies laughed and played
Under your sunny days
Whilst everypony slept under the Moon.

We had too much time to think
But hatred only rots when you're alone
I know now that love is the missing link
Betwixt a heart of gold and hearts of stone
Sure, we played our part
We also paid our debt.
12,000 months spent in the gloom
Can't you see we've changed?
Please don't run away
And leave us all alone under the Moon.

We used to think...
"What good are second chances anyway
When you're still just second place?"
But at this point we'd be satisfied
If they would only stay
Rather than cringe from our voice
And hide from our face

You're not justified!
You all are just afraid
As if we'd ever dreamed
Of gobbling you!
We didn't crave your fear,
Just to be held dear
And celebrate the night
Under the Moon.

Under the Moon.

Princess Luna and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Copyright 2010. The Hub, Hasbro.