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Vocal version to come soon, maybe (just gotta mute the lead)?
I can't resist the "5" joke in the title.

I might take a good week to remix and remaster this track. The guitar patches, as good as they are, sometimes come out in just the slightest weird way with the flange, chorus, and other things I put on to try to hide/vary their synthesis. If I can get better sound effects for the end (lol!), I might redo that part with a louder percussion bit. The lead might be too loud at times, but I feel like that is for the taste of the listener to decide. I might go through the song again and add some automation and little "imperfections" to make it sound more real. Other than that, I can't really think of anything else besides doing a reupload of the video where I go through it again and hit all the sync points down to the frame.

I would have played the lead by hand, but 40+ ms latency is not good enough for me. My computer is starting to show the first signs of true problems after about 3 years of use (it's still pretty good for its time, though).

This is nearly 100% electronic music (other than one water dripping effect I used at the end, and the CMC laughing in the intro). It took about a good week on and off to get the cover to this point.

So, yeah. I hope you enjoy this one. I have a song in the works (thinking of calling it "The Ultimate Junior Speedsters Chant" since I use that clip with some wobbles and a kick and snare in the background). It also uses the typical dance lead chords, but I have faith in that it will turn into a good song when finished.

EDIT: I do not own MLP: FIM or this song.