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BACK FROM THE DEAD!! ^^ (kind of...)

Here is a really fun collab I did with my buddy Among The Herd that we've been working on for quite some time. The idea came from the FiMFiction writer FamousLastWords, who wanted ATH to write a song to go along with an epic story he was writing. Then, the two of them asked me to put vocals on what was an absolutely fantastic-sounding instrumental, so of course I was happy to :3 Again, this is a bit different from my usual sound, being metalcore, but I'm a fan of metalcore and have done some metalcore collabs before (notably, with FakePony and bassbrony - RIP):

Anyway, huge thanks to Among The Herd for letting me put some lyrics/vocals on his epic instrumental, and to FamousLastWords for initiating this cool project and writing a kickass story :D Check them out and subscribe to them below!

Among The Herd:


Also, FLW's FiMFiction page and the story that accompanies the song:


NOTE TO MY SUBSCRIBERS: Technically, I'm not QUITE back since this was a collab and not fully my own original work. So this will be my longest hiatus yet. Some of you are probably wondering what's going on with my own music and the album. I wanted to post an update before the new year but didn't get around to it, so I suppose here is as good a place as any to explain: Sometime last July (2015), my computer died, and I lost a lot of the work I had, and it took me months to recover, reinstall things, and get situated again on a new computer. In addition, I've been prioritizing school a lot more, and so I've not really touched music much. However, I am about halfway done with another song for the album, and fully intend to release it. Still, with all the setbacks, I can no longer promise the spring/summer 2016 release, and it will most likely take me a lot longer. But rest assured, I am going to chip away at this album, even if it takes me the next year. So stay tuned for a new song from me sometime soon (fingers crossed!), and thanks as always for everyone's patience and support :D Love you guys, and hope you all had a great holidays!

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