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  • I promised I would make a post about the next site update when it happens to detail all the changes, though admittedly this is a bit impromptu so some things may not be fully up and running, but that's how it goes I guess.

    Video Player / Playback Improvements

    The video player got an overhaul to fix some quirks in behaviour and improve the overall experience. The time code and duration is now displayed, and a litany of other minor UI bugs have been fixed, such as some context menu options not working as they should.

    We also have on-demand encoding, so when a video is still being worked on in the background, Project Vinyl should still be able to play, albeit at a reduced quality until the final format has been produced.

    Video Processing

    The way we do video processing has been completely redone to hopefully improve speed and performance. It will now generate all the formats at once where possible, so there should be less waiting for a download to become available.

    Description / Sources / Downloads

    The above also applies to video descriptions and downloads. The layout has been overhauled to make it a little more pleasant to navigate. Each section can now be toggled on and off, so you can hide the description or the tags (hold CTRL to only toggle one).

    Videos also can now have more than one source provided, similar to tags, and bugs have been fixed regarding updating the UI after changing a video's tags.

    Paging / Sorting / Search

    You may notice a few new options on forums and comment threads, as well as search pages. Everywhere that you have pagination now has built in ASC/DESC sort buttons that allow you to reverse the order of comments or search results.

    You may even see Derpy make a few more appearances around the site.

    Usercards / Feeds / Subscriptions

    Usercards got a minor visual overhaul with a new opening and closing animation, and some fixes to better handle situations where network connection is lost.

    Feeds have been entirely redesigned to present a more valuable experience. They will now show you all the tags you follow with the option to remove them from your feed, videos are still there, and now you will also see users that you're following.

    To go with that, any user with a verified artist tag will now have a button on their usercard and profile, as a quick and easy way to add their artist tag to your feed.

    Automatic Imports

    We now support importing videos directly from YouTube. What this means is that if you go to the /watch?v=public endpoint, it will no longer just redirect to a video we already have uploaded. Now, so long as you're logged in, it will attempt to fetch the video and all of its details from YouTube directly.

    You will also be able to provide a video url on the upload page to have it fetch and prepare a video from there.

    Integration for fetching videos from The Pony Archive is also planned for after Zizzy has finished everything they need to do for migration. Until then, we will remain in read-only mode, unfortunately.

    Misc Other Things
    - Styling fixes, dark theme improvements, overall polishing things up a bit
    - Account creation should function a little better now, and emails should send as I believe I found the way to make google stop interfering with that.
    - The BBCode parser for comments had been rewritten from the ground up, hopefully without breaking anything
    - Fixed some layout bugs on Chrome-based browsers (footer, narrow scrollbars, in several places, etc)
    - Notifications have been fleshed out a little
    - Moved the failed network message to a less intrusive toast in the corner
    - You can now dismiss site-wide announcements, and it will actually remember that. Wow!
    - Fixed searching from the main list of videos
    - The global search now has the option to choose between just a video's title, video metadata with full tags support, or other things.
    - Fixed certain videos being inaccessible due to their id being 404, 500, or some other http error code...
  • Chances are, the dialogue to create forum topics and posting comments should all work now! ^-^'
  • 4i
    All fixed!

    Well, mostly fixed. I upvoted the ones that have been fixed.
  • Attempting to report a comment returns a 500 page.
  • Usernames with letters that are below the general text height (such as 'qypgj') will appear slightly cut off on the bottom.

  • Creating, selecting, then closing a new upload tab will leave the user with no active tab.

  • The alt text for the thread unsubscribe button does not reflect the user already being unsubscribed.
  • Clicking the button to submit or edit a comment does not show any form of success (like clearing the input and reloading the comments). Submitting a comment will yield the loading animation but nothing else.

  • The post options button does not hold any indicators of being a button, but the other action buttons do.
  • Clicking on a Background Pony's username reloads the page.
  • Long text will not word-wrap and goes beyond the comment's border.

  • On the Starred Videos page, attempting to save the album settings will return an Access Denied page, and clicking cancel on the album settings modal does nothing.
  • The footer takes up a third of my phone’s display, and it’s even worse when inputting text. The footer can be glitched even higher by scrolling to the far bottom of the page and scrolling up in the navigation column.

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
  • The featured box overlays on top of the footer.

  • The footer content is not friendly towards small screen widths (namely mobile).

  • 2n
    Updates have been done; fixes have been made.

    Edit: You can also now ? safely.
  • Tapping the 'Sign in' button from landscape view then transitioning to portrait view offsets the login box.

  • Stars page returns a 500 error. Nice sombrero-wearing Derpy, by the way.

  • 2g
    I'll get it fixed in the next update, both that and the missing button for creating a thread.
  • Comment deletion confirmation box breaks the website border on mobile.