Published on 1 Mar 2015 by Buffal Brony

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Featured on Equestria Daily's "Music of the Day #458"


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Background Information:

AwkwardMarina's original song covers the current Discord, who, as made evident, is still just as mischievous and chaotic despite the Main Six's best efforts. My verse adds on a little touch to that giving Discord a little more background about why he enjoy's the entropy.


Visualizer by the talented Blitz~ Check out his channel on the links section of the description :D

So, I heard this song by AwkwardMarina, and the beat was so bumping that I just HAD to drop a verse in it. Hope you guys enjoy this remaster, and submit to EQD :D haha, I definitely had a lot of fun working with this song. Hopefully in the future I'll get to work with AwkwardMarina on a collab together~

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