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ProjectVinyl's search function is designed to work similarly to that of Derpibooru. Searching for a single tag name returns all videos with that tag, a list of tags returns all videos that have all of those tags.

Boolean Logical Group

Multiple terms can be combined using logical operators to further refine the returned result set.

  • OR (|) combines the results that match the terms on either side.
    i.e. pinkie pie | vinyl scratch returns results matching pinkie pie OR vinyl scratch
  • AND (& or ,) only returns results matching both terms on either side. i.e. The same example pinkie pie & vinyl scratch will only return results that have both of those tags. So only videos featuring pinkie pie AND vinyl scratch.
  • Parentheses () and () can also be used to group terms or provide emphasis. They can make it easier to read and ( pinkie pie | vinyl scratch ) & rarity will provide different results to pinkie pie | ( vinyl scratch & rarity ).
  • NOT (-) Sometimes you just don't want to see something. The not parameter negates any query terms that come immediately after it. This can be any single tags -pinkie pie , or a group using parentheses. - ( pinkie pie | rarity )

System tags

Videos additionally have support for searching them by many of their special attributes.

  • title:<title> returns any videos with a matching name
  • source:<source> returns any videos with a matching source
  • uploader:<username> returns any videos posted by the named user
  • is:audio returns videos only if they are an audio file
  • is:upvoted returns videos only videos that have been liked by the current user (has no affect for anonymous users)
  • is:downvoted equivalent to is:upvoted but for dislikes

Ranged tags

All of the below tags may also be inverted by replacing the '<' with a '>'.

  • length<X returns any videos with a length less than X where X is in the format of hh:mm:ss
  • score<X returns any videos with a score less than X


  • * will match any terms. The query pinkie* will also match pinkie pie , pinkie rose , or really anything beginning with the word pinkie.