When I read the story about Michael Morones and what happened to him after seeing Mandopony doing a song for him, it broke my heart that a child had to suffer through that all because he was a brony like me and others. Bullying is a something that shouldn't be funny nor is it fun to do. Being a victim of bullying throughout my school years I can understand the pain that he went through.

He is not alone though. Since his story has been posted the brony community stepped in and has helped him and his family thorugh donations for his medical bills and keeping him in thoughts or prayers. We have shown kindness to someone that we didn't know and we opened up to him and his family and shown them kindness. Its acts like this that make me very happy and proud to be part of this community.

I wanted this song to be uploaded on the day the charity livestream was occurring but sadly I was unable to. I've been thinking and working on this song for the last three days and I wanted this one to be very special and meaningful. The song title and why it is called United is because we bronies and pegasisters came together to help a fellow brony of our own and helped him and his family escape a dark time in their life and gave them hope again and hopefully we gave Michael strength to overcome the challenges that he might face in the future knowing that we are there for him.

Thank you all so much for helping this child/young brony and I truly hope you all enjoy the song
If you would like to donate to Michael's Recovery Fund the link is right here: www.gofundme.com/micha...
Or you can go to PayPal using his email address: csuttle3@gmail.com

Download Link: soundcloud.com/blackbl...