Track 7 from The Pink Side of the Moon

After a long long wait, we finally are able to have videos for all the songs individually. Hope you enjoy!

RainSnowHail - instrumentation and mixing

Starbreeis - vocals

FritzyBeat - speaking part

4everfreebrony - lyrics and mastering

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artwork supplied by the talented dragonwolfrooke!

I had never been so wrong before in my life.
For the fact alone that I couldn't share the air I breathe
brought an agonizing twitch in my slowly sinking smile.
I would go as far as to say, I started to cry.
And that's just what I did.

Right then I had realized that trapping myself here was a rather rash decision, and would not be tolerated by fate.

My friends were gone, and therefore, so was my smile.
I expressed my sorrow to the stars around me, but they wouldn't respond.
They didn't even acknowledge my presence.
Friends would, but I didn't have those anymore.
I cried again.

The storm is raging inside these walls.
The knots of emotion will come undone.
Come undone.
Come undone.