By H8 Seed-
Acapella by Marshmelon-
Band and more backing vocal by Applejinx!
PMV (turned way down for some reason)-

Oh please, excuse me, I don't mean to alarm
And certainly, I mean you no physical harm
I'm just the reigning king of chaos here to rock your world
So just sit tight and let this little story unfurl

My mission is simple: Neverending Strife
I'll worm into your heart and then I'll cut like a knife
My intentions are clear, so just surrender your will
I'm a predator, and I'm going in for the kill

Don't hate me cause I'm funny
Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
You should hate me cause I'm better than you

I only want to party
I only want to play it cool
I'm beholden to seeing this through

I could trot around your little pony head
Spreading white lies and whispers
I'm gonna tell you about your fickle pony friends
Your rage is so hot, it blisters

I have your attention now, it's futile to flee
Your Elements of Harmony are worthless to me
So please--you can't beat me, just fire away
I'll shrug it off and live to laugh another day

My hatred and wisdom are a thousand years old
Millennia trapped in stone and desolate cold
Your princess couldn't save you. You have no hope
You're hanging yourself, I'm just providing the rope