Read description!! This will be the last teaser. From here on out it's just me working on the music to get it to you. Chromatica/Glimmer is being reworked to appear on the Balloon Party Album, so there will be a delay. Like 3 months delay. To make up for the delay, I'm working on this for you guys. Story behind it is such:

After being ousted from canterlot, and the fate of Shining Armor unknown by cadence, Luna decided to fortify the remaining troops in one last ditch effort to conquer the enemy once and for all. To do this, she allowed herself to become nightmare moon one more time, although regaining some level of control, having gone through it once before. She empowered her army for one last defence. One last siege. One last chance.

Stay tuned for Fractalize, coming to a youtube channel near you in just a few weeks. Hopefully. Maybe. We'll see.


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