About time I uploaded this!!

So I actually made this remix a while ago for Ponies at Dawn Crystal Skies album!
Ponies At Dawn:

Also, highlight feature, I have three things to tell y'all!

I'm going to start uploading songs firstly, Woo!!
In a few weeks Ponies At Dawn are going to release their next album, which I have submitted my song for, crossing fingers to have it on there!

I've also got a VFX company thing that I'm kickstarting in my spare time. I'll be doing heavy and high quality VFX with added tutorials as well.
All that I'll upload will be going here:

And Finally, in regards to new music, expect more music to come very soon, I have a album coming out pretty soon, just finishing up some songs. More info will be shown later!

Links and thank you's!!

Firstly, I have to thank Feather for releasing a amazing track for me to work with! You can find her here:

And also ExplodingPonyToast for helping out with test songs and critiquing it!

Also some links:

Sound VFX:

My Channel:

And thats about it!!
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Thanks for watching ^_^