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Verse 1:

All alone, parents gone, and there's nothing to do
Trying hard just to start making breakfast for you
She's working hard just to try to change your mind
Hoping now is the time you'll realize
That it's you, Rarity, she'll idolize

You know she'll do just about anything for you now
'find a way to have a say in what you both do now
So find a way to make her day, you know you have the power


Let your pride go, girl, as you take the floor
It's raining; let your mane hang down now
You know now Sweetie Belle matters more
So lady, let your mane hang down now
It shouldn't matter what you wanted before
Just go on curing your sister's frown
Just let your mane down; open the door
You know Sweetie Belle matters more

Verse 2:

Let it go as you show the world what you do
We all know that this foal means the world to you
You're working hard just to try to change her mind
Hoping now is the time she'll realize
Just how much you need her in your life

So mark your pace and run the race under your disguise
You'll win her faith and make her day when you're recognized
... and realize that two sisters are like apple pies.

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