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Phew, best work yet? Ya! Also: I changed the lyrics only slightly in one part cuz I thought it sounded more metul. ENJOY!

Special thanks to Stormwolf for letting me gut his orchestra for my own personal molestation.
Forest Rain for giving me one particular sound that you'll hear on bigger speaker set ups. (You'll know) and some other little advices.

Thanks to Glaze for helping me out by giving me what I needed to complete this, Mic for helping me get the grindrap flow just right and to Bagpipe Brony for getting me of my ass to finish it out.
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Welcome Fillies and Gentlecolts; No reason to scream
Your favorite Princess is back; She's walkin' up on the scene
She has been stuck on the moon, but that's no reason to fret
She's not a Nightmare no more, so buckle down and get set
She's comin'; Gracin' her subjects. She ain't leavin' no choice
She's gonna blow you all back with her Equestrian Voice
So cover all of your fears and stowe away all your fright
The Lunar Princess is back; to bring the Nightmares Tonight

She's living in the past
so you won't last
Without the proper care
With a royal farewell
And an animate spell
You won't have long to prepare

Now little fillies, this is Nightmare Night Your ruler Nightmare Moon is back to come and fill you with fright
So Hurry
Now get your goodies and fill up all your bags
And go and leave a candy offering for that big ol' hag
Get runnin'
And pray above that she's not coming back
To come and take away your soul and eat you up for a snack
So run away and go hide; just keep your head out of sight
The darkness: rising again cause it's Nightmare Night


Nightmare Night

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