I can tell you... this "one video a day" thing isn't really gonna work as I approach college. I'll do it until the end of August (so that I can say I've published one video a day for a month). After that, I'll catch up with video series that I haven't had 5 videos of yet (like Fanfic Fridays), and I'll take all your comments and such, likes to views ratios and whatnot, suggestions from the boxes on Tumblr, and decide exactly what I have to do from then on out. Every action by all subscribers is considered.

I MAY continue "one video a day", just not with the traditional 7 segments each week. Views, likes and comments will determine this.

I tried to go for something COMPLETELY different with this one. Also, sorry about the audio spectrum thing (didn't check the color on the render out). Oh, well, it's not like you need to see it to listen to the song. :p

Download: cypony.bandcamp.com/tr...

People may be rude to you.
They might laugh right in your face.
You may not know what to do
in this crazy place.
Let me tell you how to act
if this might be the case.
Ignore the haters at all cost,
and they might go away.

Arguments make me flee.
Why can't we just all agree.
I don't know what's happenin'
to this world.
I wonder why there isn't glee.
Maybe it isn't meant to be.
But I don't know.
It might just be what we prefer.

Changin' might be difficult,
but it's how the world goes round.
Without the turning of the bolt,
the whole structure will fall to the ground.
If we can accept our differences,
we can learn to get along.
And that is why I made
this frickin' song.
The reason there isn't a sung chorus is because, well... I felt like the song worked naturally that way. The choruses simply became too saturated with the singing. I also wanted to be short and sweet this time. Moral of the song: People may be rude, and maybe life is meant to be that way, but if you ignore the haters, they'll eventually get bored and do something else. Do this even if it means changing yourself (a little bit).

To be honest, I want the whole Brony fandom (and perhaps other fandoms and communities) to listen to the message. If you hate something, just ignore it. If you hate someone like Justin Bieber or Skrillex, don't click their videos. Every click is a sign of support. If your favorite artist does something really pathetic, and you can't live with yourself knowing it, you may have to change yourself a bit and listen to someone else's music. If you hate EquestriaDaily or something, don't click the links to the website, and don't comment on the posts.

As for the haters and trolls, the attention is what they seek. Don't reply to their nasty comments.

I'm just sick of all the verbally present hate in the fandom right now. Stahhhhp. I tried starting a positive thinking tumblr around bronies, but it didn't get any action, so I've been really hesitant to update it at all. Not one person wanted to share their positive stories with me. :( However, this "Down With Molestia" stuff gets attention from just as many haters as supporters, and that really doesn't make sense to me. If you hate it, just ignore it. If you like it, take initiative and spread the love.

Ignorance is bliss....