You're listening to Part XII (Song 17) of Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic.
Composer: Carbon Maestro
Genre: Orchestral/Hybrid (Epic/Inspirational)

Here's another D&CT song. Enjoy :)
2014 has been a crazy year! I figured that since this is the last video from me for the year, I might as well post a few things that I look forward to in 2015. First, this series will close in 2015. I'll probably upload Vol. 2 AND the full album when Ziom and the commissioner finish up the last artworks.

Second, I'm looking to move on from Pony music. Yay! Yeah, it's fun and games, but I've grown out of it. Thank you so much for the support and I know it's hard to part with such a concept, and I won't forget how fun this experience was for me. After all, I got started composing electronically with ponies. But I plan to move onto building a professional portfolio and creating non-pony concepts in the future. Yet I'll probably still post and create pony songs in the future, just much more infrequently.

And lastly, Merry Christmas and happy holidays. :)

Fun fact:
In 2013 I made 39 songs (Not counting instrumentals that have no vocals for the vocal parts)
In 2014 I made 19 songs.

Art by the amazing Ziom05:

Bandcamp: thecarbonmaestro.bandc...
Free Download:

Arrival (Part 1):
The Walls Are Moving (Part 2):
The Ancient Hall (Part 3):
Acheron (Part 4):
Spectral Steps (Part 5):
Upheaval (Part 6):
Fire and Ice (Part 7):
Blades Of Inferno (Part 8.i):
Windigo March (Part 8.ii):
Our Flame (Part 9.i):
Rip In Time (Part 9.ii):
Embattled (Part 10.i):
Darkest Hour (Part 10.ii):
The Four Horsemen (Part 11.i):
Clashing Forces (Part 11.ii):
Legions (Part 11.iii)
Wings of Bravery (Part 12):