Composer: Daniel Ingram
Arranged By: Steffan Andrews, David Corman
Lyrics by Meghan McCarthy
Melody-free piano instrumental is in the downloads below. Please actually read the description.
From S4 finale's two parter, Twilight's Kingdom. Piano has been included in the melody so you don't sing off tempo. :)

Artwork by Famosity:
Cover by Yours Truly.
Note the BPM is in the bottom right of the video. The BPM really changes a lot in this (Be careful of that). Feel free to use this instrumental for a cover. No need to ask permission.

Download (With Piano Melody):
Download (Without Piano Melody):

If you want to hear no piano melody and you're too lazy to download it, here:

Bandcamp: thecarbonmaestro.bandc...

Edit 1: Whoops! It seems that I made a slight error in my research as Daniel Ingram is the composer of the song, and Steffan Andrews/Dave Corman are the respective arrangers.