Genre: Hybrid Orchestral
Composer: Carbon Maestro
Commissioned by the Admins of Celestial Divide (See below for links)

Fixed the Sheet music download link.

I've heard that this is a battle scene for this RP website. I've heard "actiony" is a bit of an understatement. jk it's pretty intense compared to most of the stuff I put out. The guy wanted a modern song mixed with classical Handel-Halvorsen. Anyways, the notes are meant for viola since I think this would be too difficult to physically play on a cello, but good luck anyways. Electric viola sounds like a cello with the right filter.

Also in Celestial Divide's OST:

Commissioned by the staff of Celestial Divide:
Artwork by Ziom05:
Bandcamp: thecarbonmaestro.bandc...
Download (
Good luck trying to play the viola part (Sheet Music):