You're listening to Part X.ii of Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic.
Composer: Carbon Maestro
Genre: Orchestral (Hybrid, Suspenseful, Epic)

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2nd part of Part 10 of this awesome adventure.

I went in a different direction, working on my drum mastering and my underused synth libraries.

Everyone musician I know use Massive as the main for their electronic stuff, but I use Zebra2, which is a great synth that I use for strengthening bass notes, and I'm finally figuring out how to incorporate it into my songs using it's more powerful features. If you don't have Massive and you want a good synth to add to your DAW, I'd definitely go for Zebra2 because it's very light on RAM usage (great alongside Kontakt users with tons of RAM usage) and pretty much nobody uses it.

Fun Fact: Many synths you hear in Zebra2 are found in many songs by Hans Zimmer. I didn't know until after I got the synth. With enough knowledge, you can actually make instruments like these: (Download):
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Art by Ziom05:

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