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Artist: Carbon Maestro
Genre: Orchestral (Epic Drama)

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Held nothing back on the drums. Used every drumset I could within reason. Not much to say other than Part 8.II will come later.

With Carrot Top trapped, Derpy must find a way to get her back from the Wendigo Queen. But first: TRAINING! The only way the music would fit anywhere is when you have spider necromancers advising Derpy who trains with skeletal ponies.

Art by Ziom05:

Bandcamp: thecarbonmaestro.bandc...

Arrival (Part 1):
The Walls Are Moving (Part 2):
The Ancient Hall (Part 3):
Acheron (Part 4):
Spectral Steps (Part 5):
Upheaval (Part 6):
Fire and Ice (Part 7):
Blades Of Inferno (Part 8.i):
Windigo March (Part 8.ii):
Our Flame (Part 9.i):
Rip In Time (Part 9.ii):
Embattled (Part 10.i):
Darkest Hour (Part 10.ii):
The Four Horsemen (Part 11.i):
Clashing Forces (Part 11.ii):
Legions (Part 11.iii)
Wings of Bravery (Part 12):