Caramel & Dot: Spotlight is our OC Song EP!

We decided to start things off with Space Case! (, as they'll be showin' up at Everfree NW 2013! We'll be there too! Art by: Emberwisp ( )

Thanks for listening!

:: Lyrics ::

Too hot for a filly in the city of Hoofston
If I tell her story now I hope you'll listen
Her parents always yellin' " What the hay she doin'? "
A fiery mane and her heart's been searchin'

What kind of pony wants to fly
higher than any other pegasi?
If you wanna join her too
no, she won't look down on you
as you're flying without care or gravity

Now you've made it on the ground (broke the barrier of sound)
Gone a thousand hooves* per hour (could you feel that bucking power?)
Faster than a Sonic Rainboom (protects Equestria from their doom)
Against Changelings with her trusty space laser.

Equestria's been lookin'
Into space exploration
Today's the final day
Space Case be on your way!
To the Doctor of your dreams in Galloway!


Dashie Dot : Producer, Music, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Caramel Swirl: Lyrics, Vocals, Egyptian Space Slavee