What? Mike made a song for Remix War 4? But he makes PMVs and stupid videos, he doesn't do music!

Screw it. One guy. No song-making software. A bunch of really really stupid instruments. Moderate singing skill. Spare time. Pretty sweet mic. Let's rock.

Warning: Anyone with a sound design background is gonna cringe when they see the MP3's waveform because I artificially lowered the volume at some parts. The rest of you will just be cringing because of how off-key I go and because it sounds like it's being performed by a swarm of bees. ENJOY!

Instruments used: Voice, kazoo, slide whistle, a thing that whirrs when you blow into it, recorder, and an empty tube of M&Ms Minis I popped open and re-closed to make for the backbeat.

Remix of WoodenToaster's badass song Rainbow Factory, found here:

And here's the MP3 of my version:

Oh, and the album cover if for some reason you want it:


SHIT. I spent all my money on stupid dollar store instruments. And I don't plan on stopping. If you wanna help me gather the greatest orchestra of all time, drop me a donation here: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin...