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This song has actually been ready for a long while now, but there were a few complications that kept me from posting it. Everything is all good now though, so here it is!

Like my old song "The Four Stages of Pinkamena", this song is a story told through music. It is split up into 3 different parts and takes you through the events of the Littlehorn Massacre.

You can follow this link for a bit of background information on the event, but each part of the song will be explained below: falloutequestria.wikia...

(0:00 - 3:29) Part 1 - Luna's school for gifted unicorns: Littlehorn was a magic school that Celestia commissioned Applebloom to build for Luna as a surprise birthday gift. Celestia chose to have the school built away from Canterlot so that there would be no rivalry between students from Celestia's school and Luna's school. Littlehorn was placed inside Littlehorn Valley in the Crescent Moon Canyon (hence the name). It was a fairly isolated, only being neighbored by a zebra forest. Both Princesses liked the idea of friendly zebras being nearby. However, years later a war broke out between the ponies and the zebras and tensions began to grow.

(3:30 - 5:59) Part 2 - Failure to communicate: Due to the war and growing tensions between the ponies and the zebras, both sides were on edge. About 9 years into the war a zebra convoy was passing by Littlehorn. It was made up of 3 covered wagons that contained 24 zebra refugees. The school tried to contact them peacefully, but the zebras didn't understand their language and were unable to respond. The school then activated their defense systems and took out one of the wagons. When the schools defense team saw the dead bodies they realized that they were only refugees and quickly ceased fire. However, the damage was already done. A zebra commando, whose family was killed in the first wagon, put on a stealth cloak and made his way into the school and released several gas bombs inside. Every colt, filly and staff member inside the school was killed. There were no reported survivors.

(6:00 - 7:55) Part 3 - Turning Point: The Littlehorn Massacre was a major turning point in the war. It shattered Celestias confidence and she stepped down from the throne while Luna took her place. Luna's confidence had been reinforced and felt that peace with the zebras was no longer possible.


Voice acting was done the the Fallout: Equestria Radio Play team
Tumblr: falloutequestriaradio....

Art done by Perfect Sloth


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